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img 04 May

Double Tomato Linguine

The recipe of Double Tomato Linguine is a tasty first course that enhances the most characteristic flavors of the Italian tradition: dried tomatoes, capers and easy to prepare and a sure Our recommendation is to use ingredients of absolute excellence that you can buy on foode ... Read more
img 07 Mar

Crêpes with Orange Spread and Modica chocolate

This recipe for crêpes with orange spread and Modica chocolate is a happy encounter between French cuisine and the flavors of the These orange spread crêpes with Modica chocolate are an easy dessert to prepare, requiring neither pastry skills nor special kitchen utensils, but only t ... Read more
img 06 Jan

Pistachio Fusilli

A quick and easy first course, tasty and delicate, which combines the flavors of Sicilian cuisine to make the most of the local for 4 people: - 400 g of Evergreen pistachio fusilli ... Read more
img 06 Jan

Chicken With Porcini Mushrooms

Chicken with Porcini Mushrooms is a refined dish especially suited to early autumn, when the most fragrant fresh porcini mushrooms are The porcini mushrooms are the real protagonists of the dish and ennoble the chicken meat in the best Note that fairly ripe porcini mushrooms are used ... Read more