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img 04 May

Double Tomato Linguine

The recipe of Double Tomato Linguine is a tasty first course that enhances the most characteristic flavors of the Italian tradition: dried tomatoes, capers and easy to prepare and a sure Our recommendation is to use ingredients of absolute excellence that you can buy on foode ... Read more
img 07 Mar

Tortiglioni with Taggiasca Olives Spread and fresh cherry tomatoes

This recipe for Tortiglioni with Taggiasca Olives Spread enhances the most representative products of the Ligurian territory: Taggiasca olives, of which we use both the extra virgin olive oil and the purée; the Genoese basil that grows on the steep hills facing the sea, thereby acquiring a un ... Read more
img 13 Feb

Orecchiette pasta with turnip tops

This classic recipe combines two products symbol of Apulian gastronomy to obtain a perfect combination, one of the great first courses of the Italian Also using our original orecchiette from Gargano, available in different formats, the preparation is fast and affordable for It s ... Read more
img 06 Jan

Pistachio Fusilli

A quick and easy first course, tasty and delicate, which combines the flavors of Sicilian cuisine to make the most of the local for 4 people: - 400 g of Evergreen pistachio fusilli ... Read more
img 20 Dec

Spaghetti with squid ink (quick recipe)

Squid ink is one of the most typical ingredients of Sicilian cuisine, and goes perfectly with both rice and long pasta, such as spaghetti or Here we present how to prepare a quick and easy pasta dish in Sicilian style, starting from a ready-made base that is the Sugo al Nero di Seppia (Sq ... Read more